doris a schall

Alas absolutely no information about this release or indeed its author, ‘early works Volume 1’ appears to feature archive recordings by a Hungarian experimentalist by the name of Doris A Schall. Two teasingly brief tracks feature on this digital release. Indelibly referencing the output of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop notably the kooky futuristic doodles of Delia Derbyshire, very much rooted and shimmered in a shimmering 60‘s analogue golden age aura ‘01’ is playfully decorated in spacey binary bubbles that chirp and chatter like a spaced gathering of a Clangers choir while ’02’ is very much inspired and playfully steeled upon an aural palette that takes the pioneering sound plates of Louis and Bebe Barron to craft a gorgeously retro collage no doubt pieced together in stop motion stylisings and stuck down using yards upon yards of sticky back plastic. Recommended for further investigation and those of you much admiring of Sub Rosa’s exhaustive multi volume ‘anthology of noise and electronic music’ collection.


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