eastern hollows

Blessed with the slow purposeful smoulder and thoughtful splendour of the Clientele at their most demurred and captivating, ’the collector’s’ by Eastern Hollows found on the flip of their forthcoming debut single for the much loved Club AC30 is cut from the classicist cloth of great lost b-sides, rippled in opening riff sighs and surrendered in whispers, there’s a mellowing sun kissed haze haloing its slow drift dimpling as though a subdued clock strikes 13 where being counselled and cheered by the sympathetic hug of the Butterflies of Love. Immediate seduction guaranteed. Indeed we mentioned the Eastern Hollows just the last missive gone whereupon we found ourselves somewhat swooned by the Seattle based collectives opening brace of cuts from their forthcoming self titled full length which from that set shimmers into view the feel good effervescence of ’Summer’s Dead’ which by our reckoning is such a blue mood chasing treat that were they to bottle it up and sell it over the counter they’d have a money making second source of income, that said deliciously awash in chiming sunbursts and adored in lushly toned lysergic hazes you’d be forgiven for thinking you stumbled across a secret west coast lair where Will Bunnymen riffolas where opining to the demurred lilt of youthful Animal Collective dialects. http://www.clubac30.com


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