nicholas fair

Again no information about this one, again another release stumbled upon during our briefly fruitful stroll through band camp world. A two track offering from Nicholas Fair entitled ‘little girl’ might well be all too brief a listening experience though in its finite just over 2 minute grooving is deliciously etched a faintly scribed Francophile beauty whose spectral wistfulness in dappled in autumnal hues and succulently dipped in Almond / Walker torch trimmed fancies with a side dusting of McAloon sketching all softly bathed in a 60’s seasoning. Over on the flip ’ours is’ secures our vote as the best of the brace not least because of its carefree almost lazy eyed head in the clouds casualness and the fact that it had us yearning to delve deep into our record stash to unearth lost treats by Gulliver and early career outings pressed up by the kitchenware imprint.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I’ve been writing and recording music since 1999, and releasing limited runs of cassettes and cds for just as long. I’ve only recently begun uploading projects to the internet. You can contact me at the following e-mail address where I will gladly send more recordings and or information you may be interested in. Thanks again.

    -Nicholas Fair

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