Featured last missive out (Tales from the Attic – Volume XXIV note takers) Satellites latest release – incidentally titled the ’istedgede’ EP features ‘neon sun’ ripped from their ‘02’ full length from last year, this lot teeter upon a sonic plateau that veers seductively between imperial pop formations silvered in euphoria and numbing head bowed heartbreak with the aforementioned cut shimmered in the kind of driving effervescence usually found peppering the grooves of platters bearing the names Swimmer One, British Sea Power and Dark Captain Light Captain. Aside the video below there’s the additional treat of an intimately set live rendition of the hollowed and hymnal ‘this is all there is’ recorded at London’s Saint Saviour’s Church and featured on the limited bonus disc tucked inside vinyl and CD editions of ‘02’

<br /><a href=””>Satellites – Neon Sun</a> on <a href=””>MUZU.TV</a&gt;.


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