white candles

Plenty of activity afoot in the active listener camp not least with the appearance of a handful of digital releases the first of which by White Candles had us bedevilled by the occasional swoon through repeat listens. A five track affair entitled ‘flowers for delia’ is awash in psychedelic carousels (‘astral projections’ – think Jarre meets John Baker) and hallucinogenic fairground fayre, steeped in yesterdays sound of 60’s psych pop children tomorrow albeit as though embarked upon progian odysseys of supersister proportions (‘tire-moi des mes reves’) and dimpled in the woozy TV spy themed dream dinked kookiness of Grainger and Astley as on the neo futuristic Broadcast lite ‘behold! the abstract eye’, we were occasioned to recall the surreal flights of fancy of giant paw and the murmurs of Irma of old but scratched upon repeat listens beneath the lysergic surface layers the mercurial haze of the ooberman swirls to the fore especially on the lysergic dream coat enchantment visited upon by the summer sighing ‘monolith’. for us though best of the quintet is by some distance ‘altar hexes’ given it arrives seasoned in loopy kooky Hammond serenades and smoked with a weird ear Floyd / Barrett hazy vibe. http://www.theactivelistener.bandcamp.com/album/white-candles-flowers-for-delia-al009


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