News reaches us of new sounds emerging from out of the secret lair of Cyan341. Incoming on the excellent Uncharted Audio imprint in a limited 200 only issue is a 4 track 12 inch. Fresh from his collaboration with Wil Bolton as Anzio Green, Mark Streatfield dons his cosmic suit for some nifty cosmically cooled nocturnal distraction. As said the set entitled ’coal train’ features four new trippy technoid treats and while we try to snaffle full downloads for future review it’s the parting shot ’space kitty’s theme’ that’s had us all a swoon cutting shapes aplenty across the listening space for what is a softly demurred 8 minute voyage that imagines a retro set lights dimmed frisky aural mind melt moment pitting together sound architect giants Vangelis and Moroder to eke out a seriously infectious and flighty space funked workout that nibbles mischievously across an 80’s sound signature palette to ooze sophistication and seduction in one trip wiring cosmopolitan grooved Italo disco cocktail shot .

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