the rails

Just pulled this from a face book posting. If there’s one record you need in your life right now, its this. Seems that Island records where of the same mind for so impressed where they that they’ve graced its limited pressing with the classic pink labelling (see Drake, Martyn et al….). but the story doesn’t quite end there. For featured upon this release is Eliza Carthy invited to guest on fiddle, the duo incidentally going by the name the Rails are James and Kami, who James hasn’t worked with could be written on a stamp and still leave enough space for a shopping list while Kami is the daughter of Linda and Richard Thompson which makes her folk aristocracy. They’ve an album ‘fair warning’ being prepped for release though before that a single ‘Bonnie Portmore’ arriving in ultra limited quantities. With nods to the wainwrights, fairport, mellow candle and the yesteryear folk greats from pop’s rich pageantry whilst not forgetting to mention traced in the mellow and murmuring wood crafted aspect of the owl service and the rif mountain collective, the traditional song ’Bonnie Podmore’ is here faithfully re-woven and steeled simplistically in a timeless songcraft that echoes through the ages, all at once understated, genteel and above all else stripped of any indulgence to shine with a pure artistry.

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