the zzips

Mentioned in dispatches a few missives ago when we had the pleasure of casting an ear upon ‘end of rock n’ roll’ which if I recall had us bestowing praise a plenty not least because it was the best thing never done by Beck that we’d heard since Simple Kids frankly awesome ’the road’ outing for Static Caravan. the Zzips return with a bag of new sounds, 4 by our reckoning – that is if our county uppy maths still works – all housed on an EP entitled ’expect the worst’. don’t take our word for it, try it yourself, in short a smoking cool groove out of it on moonshine and deliciously harnessed by a corkscrewing and lolloping slacker grind which if I didn’t know better I’d have said had been whittled out in a prairie hen house by an indie version of the travelling wilbury’s featuring pavement, beck, simple kid and 10 benson types. As to video – a scream – weird eyeball antics and bad dancing at bus stops and that imaginary thread through the lips – that takes me back though I used to additionally thread it threw the eyebrows – alas no Stan Laurel styled ear wiggling as well as the eyebrows – can do that to……

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