oliver cherer

Now this is very special and most unexpected, so taken with this on initial listens that what with Lent fast approaching we are considering giving up on sleep until Second Language’s PR people send out physical CD’s. debut release from Oliver Cherer, we say debut, we should qualify that in saying debut under his name as the more astute and attuned among you might well recognise him as former Static Caravan pupil Dollboy. Anyhow new album – titled ’Sir Ollife Leigh and other ghosts’ incoming on the aforementioned Second Language imprint – should arrest and seduce in equal measure those of you so keenly tuned into more traditionalist and ethereal folk climes. The press release comes packed with thesis like information which I suspect may well take as long to read as the actually albums playing time, there’s even track by track notations for lazy scribes, but the less we say about that the better, anyhow I know who you are. As said we’ve taken a little time out to sample a few cuts and as much as we are taken by the creaking ghostly spiritual that is the simply adorable ’millions’ which veers ever so close into the imagined terrains of a black heart procession cosying up to the Bad Seeds campfire setting it’s the opening cut ’the dead’ that had us all a swoon. Inspired by the film ’death in a nut’ which delved into the historical readings recording the legend of the ferryman, this cut features Riz Maslen on vocals with Mr Cherer playing a restored antique reed organ – the effect and the atmospherics are chillingly serene for from out of the thickening ghostly primordial mist emerges something steeped in deep in our psyche’s prehistory which reference wise nods ever so subtly to Nico’s disquieting ’frozen warning’.

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