black saturn

Plenty of Alrealon Musique groove to mention in a second, not least a specially put together 5th anniversary compilation – more of which about in a second after we mention this killer slab of dark boogie from the much admired Black Saturn. Not entirely sure as to how you can nab this as your own, pulled from the ’spectrum ambient series’ which I’m assuming is an Alrealon related outlet, the gritty and grizzled ’spectrum (chaos in the snow)’ is a hulking slab of mooching stalker grind ominously bridled upon a grooving that recalls elements ’sour blaster’ set for the esteemed creeping bent records way back in the dawn of the mists of time, cosmically gouged rap phrasing wired up in a floaty austere noir scratched dubtronic haloing and rewoven to sound like a bad acid tripping Depth Charge, don’t know about you but I’m sold.

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