daniel avery

You might have to bear with me on this as the press release is a little – shall we say – all over the shop, that said we are speed reading it while fending off Dylan the house cat who wants to play, cooking a fry up and trying to roll up an industrial pipe sized cigarette – multi tasking – tis but a piece of piss. You won’t be too surprised – but then again perhaps you will – to hear that we’ve momentarily lost the press release attached to this – still we plenty of time to let this play out have you all suitably smoked out and becalmed while we rummage through the amassed chaos that is our inbox. Anyhow this is a killer DJ set from Daniel Avery done for Resident Advisor (me neither – but I will be clued up before this is out you wait and see). We suggest you don cans and clear the desk of all distractions for the next 70 minutes. Something that ought to appeal first port of call to lovers of Mary Ann Hobbs head grooving breezeblock sound clashes of the late 90’s on the nations – erm – favourite – BBC Radio 1 – so be prepared to immerse yourself in a total hypno grooved experience for a journey towards the hidden depths of your minds eye along the voyage taking in all manner of techno, house, manc groove and ambi – cosmicalia sights highlights of which come early on when matters go very Paris Angels – around the 5 minute mark in case you needed specifics, add in copious Future sound of London workouts, some exquisitely dreamy Art of Noise at the 16 minute intersection and some neat terraformic motifs featuring subtle shades of Herbie Hancock styled mecho-funk. Oh and as to that press release info new platter out via phantasy sound features a wealth of mixes by factory floor, audion and matt walsh all led from the fore by Avery’s original ‘drone logic’ pulled from the acclaimed album of the same name. http://www.soundcloud.com/danielavery/ra-385-daniel-avery-for

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