hanne kolsto

Damn this is so uplifting, its like being carried aloft on some demurring euphoric wave twinkled and sprinkled in the shimmering stuff that holds the stars in the night sky and sprays feel good cheer at yuletide. More Norwegian niceness, I’m suspecting it’s a Scandinavian political pact to take over the world, seriously is there anyone living there who isn’t in a band, been in a band or live next door to someone in a band, not that we are complaining here, but there does seem to be a faultless and studious appreciation of the pop chops that charm the hardiest of souls emanating from that region. Add to that exhaustive club Hanne Kolsto whose third album ‘stillness and panic’ is due to break cover and allure all who venture within sometime early May. Alas we can’t include at this very moment sound links for the ‘one plus one makes one out of two’ cut sent out as a herald because some tin pot inkie called the Guardian is premiering it tomorrow (28/02) – so links will go up as soon as to save blushes. What we can say though is that it’s a bit of a cutie, all softly swooned in a withdrawn and bruised minimalist electronic purr that opines and sighs neglected, shyly cradling its wounds until that is at the 0.58 mark wherein a glorious haze of snow bursts and sugar rushing ruptures this honey blossoms and flowers in the most arresting way showering all in a feel good rapture.

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