memory band vs. belbury poly

Sneak peak of a forthcoming record store day treat from Static Caravan. Due to be pressed up on limited 10 inch slabs of wax in an edition of 500 the memory band are given the remix treatment by Ghost Box – more specifically Jim Jupp (and friends) in his Belbury Poly guise. Ah the belbury poly, a wee thing, littler than a borrower, climbs up on your shoulder and jumps in your ear wiring out radiophonic weird gear and lost wonky idents assembled from left over public service broadcasts and creepily bleak and oft kooky beard stroking OU progs once upon a time aired at strange hours on TV stations no one knew existed (tis blame that Tristram Cary bloke if I be you). And so aboard the good ship ’when I was on a horseback’ harnessed to a Summerisle mooring, the assembled congregation of 70’s B movie brit horror backing singers and Tunng sound-a-likes boarded the little pea green boat to set out for adventures afar (’paisley’ they cried while one amongst the brethren hopefully piped ’McDougall’s tobacco emporium’) and so off they went wherein they passed the secret lairs of the owl service and the tripadelic world of Discordia engaged in strange Orb like pageantry all the time snoozily see sawing upon pastoral waves weaved of medieval waltzes and woozy mayday skipping Gallic garlands. After all that I’m guessing anything less is going to be a disappointment, time for a lie down – oh the EP’s called ’further navigations’ airing as it happens here

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