primordial undermind

I’m really going to have to stop looking, reading and checking out face book postings, its beginning to bedevil me, continually sending me off road and adding to an already bulging by the minute to do list of sounds to hear. That said when Primordial Undermind come a-calling how can you resist. Now if memory serves me right we picked up on these dudes way back years ago accidentally tripping across a my space posting, can‘t recall whether CD‘s resulted with reviews therein. Anyhow I suspect I’m waffling. Well news reaches us that the collective have swelled ranks with the arrival of a new cellist Rosi Rehformen and that thus far studio jams are getting as spacey as ever so much so that they’ve just previewed the first 10 minutes of a new, as yet, unnamed head burner which sees them heading ever deeper through the mind losing circles of deep psych which in turn passes through the woozy advent of kaleidoscopic powder puffs dissipating in your headspace stretching forth to Barrett territories wherein those same kaleidoscopic powder puffs begin talking in strange tongues which lead to the Doors factor where you find your having deep meaningful spiritual and moral discourses with the kaleidoscopic powder puffs only to pass ever further where matters assume a kind of what the fuck was that reasoning which I’m happy to say is where Primordial Undermind find themselves currently located. This is Table of the Elements territories, I’m suspecting admirers of Loren Mazzacane Connors are at play here, this is dark brooding stuff momentarily freckled by frantic no wave seizure fits and squirreling riff contortions, the mood floaty and out there and pierced with the kind of distractive tension that used to come attaching itself to platters with the name Virgin Passages scorched on their hide – yet let it play through and the familiar delta blues haze of Fahey / Rose ghosts through the grooves backwaters.

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