tail feather

Literally just dropped on us this and I won’t deny we’re somewhat smitten by the blighter not least because had I not read the attaching press release I’d have sworn these dudes hailed from some beaten off the track Stateside prairie point in the middle of nowhere with an unpronounceable name and a bustling market in moonshine operations. Instead the hotly tipped Tail Feather hail from Reading a place where last time I checked wasn’t prairie populated or the bastion of a thriving trade in moonshine. We do however suspect a localised Neil Young fan base especially within the band for this smokes coolly of the great man in the 70’s for ’knocked down’ is one for lazy eyed lulls beneath summer hazed skies, old country blues groove bliss kissed in the kind of murmured soft psych subtleties that sits somewhere between the Band and Gram Parsons. Over on the flip ’all of a sudden’ is similarly daubed in slinky 70’s motifs and cut through with funky inclines the type of which again sound not unlike Young’s backing band Crazy Horse mooching out with the E Street band and allowed to cut loose and rip it up. http://www.soundcloud.com/tailfeatheruk/sets/knocked-down-all-of-a-sudden/s-rOvZy

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