the great electric

And staying with Static Caravan, loosely anyway, on the hush hush we’ve been told this lot are prepped for a release on the nations most eclectic imprint later in the year. Not even sure whether we are allowed to post these tracks but hey ho to late its done. I know its not the done thing but lets talk about the picture first on the sound cloud page which assuming they haven‘t changed it features a slightly weary and worrying looking pooch which we here had to double take because it looks a ringer for a cute hound we used to have back in the days of austerity, unemployment, conservative rule and Liverpool Football Club winning three league games on the trot (guess that year pop children) who used to relieve himself not with leg cocked up against a tree, the couch, your record collection or your favourite left leg but rather more skipped, hopped and cantered along on his hind legs making decorative swirly trails. I bet you feel a better person for knowing this. Anyhow back to the musical stuff, the Great Electric are a super group of sorts whose bulging ranks of three counts amongst its membership Rob Hyde of mum and dad fame, Darren Hayman ex Hefner and Pete Gofton one time J Xaverre. We here admit to being taken by ’music and colour’ from the four track set, a slinky slice of acutely dinked pop smartie kraut-ian kool that sumptuously snakes along a smoked and blissed out kosmiche trajectory occasionally piloted one time by the likes of eat lights become lights to imagine a star crossed voyage embarked upon by a gathering of Alphastone, latter career Spacemen 3 and Sunray types all aboard a La Dusseldorf star cruiser powered upon by a Slipstream dream logic. Does it for us.

Footnote – just noticed the sound link is private – so while we try and get permissions just talk amongst yourself a try to imagine in your how dandy the tune is.

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