angele-david guillou

We’d love to give you oodles upon oodles of information about these next two artists however being hopeless and hapless as we are prone to being we’ve actually lost the email with all the relevant info. To make matters worse, the second mentioned party – the pussywarmers – a copy of said album we have about our person and that to has so far remained hidden from eye line since some over enthusiastic bright thing decided to introduce a very loosely based, on the Dewey Decimal Classification, means of filing our beloved records and CD’s. first up and recently released by the village green imprint, this is Angele-David Guillou with the title track from her ‘kourouma’ set, a divine and angelic thing so frail and fragile you suspect your mere presence to listen in might cause it to shuffle shyly into hiding, trimmed to a noir neo classicist braid and ever so delicately traced upon a genteel key motif, this darkly beautiful lullaby both disturbs and demurs to an equally eerie and enchanting effect.

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