alrealon musique 5th anniversary comp Pt2

And so back to Alrealon – second part of that extended 5th anniversary celebratory compilation ‘frequencies of existence’. pressed in decidedly darker and hitherto more experimental sonic tones, this second chapter like its sibling Part 1 features 9 headphonic grooves of strange left field delights many by artists so far previously unknown to us, the set opening with a breeze blocking sound clash by the much admired Black Saturn who stumps up the aptly titled ’VooDoo’. This ventures into the kind of dark side of dub that even the Orb for all their adventurism dare not enter, hallucinogenic weaves fused by locked grooved calypso motifs, blue room apparitions and scratched by psyched out fuzz burns craft out a head expanding woozily hypnotic mantra as though the magic mushroom band where entering the domain of Astralasia. Blessed with floor rupturing booming bass growls MRC Riddims’ ’every second’ is a tightly coiled slab of futurist funk superbly cross pollinating elements of deep house and heavy techno into a wall bouncing aural arcana that once safely burrowed into your psych will set up camp and drive you to distraction by proceeding to party hard. I wonder if Leigh Wright is a fully paid up admirer of the Snape records fan club, I only ask because there’s a shared sonic kinship with that sadly missed labels roster (alas mostly limited to 70 Gwen Party – which before you question – is no bad thing), add to that a smidgeon of the mysterious Ansuz Lunasa – one of whose releases on the celebrated victory garden imprint – home of surreal starry eyed psychedelicists Southall Riot came pressed on limited 8 track cartridges which were all said nice to look at but a bastard to squeeze into the cassette player (I kid of course – we in fact try it in the video recorder) and some straying elements of Muslim Gauze and you have ‘Doom‘. a strange beauty bled through by a disorientating dark / light gauzing whereupon trippy chill out grind psyched dubtronic hybrids freewheel into states of subliminal unconsciousness. Alas no information on ARU and boar but safe to say that ’awl tikkr bora bora’ is the kind of cauldron hot noise glitch terrorism that you’d rightly expect to be oozing with ill intent from out of the front door of the love torture imprint all etched in apocalyptic minimalism and cowed by a shrill and stark detached abandon emitting controlled scowling skree snow bursts. Those preferring their sounds gouged in chill and coiled in odd abstraction might be well advised to descend deep into the aural chamber of Thorsten Soltau whose ‘Gr;m cvltvre’ features the guest accompaniment of Marina Stewart – a collaborative musically mind melding that began on their ‘phlexing furry’ release for mm in 2012. Dark ambience and horrorphonic motifs interspersed by back looping mind warping dream sequences and insectoid chattering make this a most disturbing listening experience. Again no information with which to fill your lives of DMC and Anton Mobin or for that matter their ’spiroide trap’ offering though safe to those of you well versed in the darker and sparser detours piloted by the tigerbeat6 stable one time or another might well enjoy it skewed atmospherics and decidedly off radar electronic twiddling. The aptly named ‘still’ by hezment and heliocentric, this slice of glacial sereneness once done putting up a starry sky light show that sees the slow dronal tides of amassed silvery orbs aligning into Aidan Baker in Blade Runner wastelands formations, soon take hold of navigational systems to draw the monolith into more recognisable Krautrock climes a la Tangerine Dream, Amon Duul II. Previously mentioned here [owt kri] offers a moment of neo classicist beauty with the mournfully stilled and elegance ’improbable odds’ here trimmed in the genteel swell of sighing symphonics, cantering keys and pressed into urgency by an artillery of impatiently thunderous beats which grow ever darker and dramatic to touchstone the worlds of Wizards Tell Lies. More to come in a wee while from [owt kri] as I swear we’ve just seen sound clips for a collaboration with John 3:16. Last up, for this volume at least. Somewhere at the far most outer points of the sonic spectrum lies Chester Hawkins whose weird ear exploration of sounds inner space manifests on the decidedly disturbing yet oddly trance toned ’from away’. located in pastures more commonly associated with EAR, Roadside Picnic and the more outer elements of the Gnod Network sphere of influence, this eerie set closer comes curdled in modulated frequencies submerged or so it sounds in subterranean climes, though hang in there and beyond the binary squiggles and kooky noodling a strange sonic zoo populated by thought threatened Radiophonic species coo and chirp contentedly.

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