Dylan gospel

Rescued from the vaults of time by light in the attic and due for a spruced up re-release, something of an interesting curio originally out as the 60’s faded away for somewhere in LA Lou Adler sat in his studio hatching plans to bring together an altogether different kind of spin by way of a celebration of Dylan. And so the Brothers and Sisters, a choir of the finest LA based session singers around most of whom had cut their formative teeth singing in Baptist churches set about laying down the words of Dylan in a truly inspired spiritual celebration that shut the door on a troubled and fracturing world outside. And so sessions commenced with Gene Page of Motown fame drafted in to sort out the arrangements. The result – a one off set released by Ode records in ’69 entitled ’Dylan’s Gospel’. 45 years later Lights in the Attic have secured the rights to re-issue this unique document this May time.

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