grafham water sailing club

Many thanks to Geoff over at Static Caravan HQ for rushing over the hotly tipped debuting 7 inch platter from post punk psychotropic dandies the Grafham Water Sailing Club. As ever packaged up in oodles of inserts one of which is a Fred Perry garment tag which leaves me thinking that the usual horde of strange pulled pages from the antiquarian library (which have on occasion been taken from tomes as disparate as high brow treaties on quantum physics to basket weaving in the Balkans) have somewhat ceased to be, no doubt brought to bear by scrooge styled cut backs despatched forth by cigar smoking back hand taking servants of greed known as the town hall dwellers. Soap box standing preaching aside. As said the main event here is a killer twin pronged edgily paranoiac atmos delight from the Grafham’s. ‘Ankara’ has indeed – for those of keen eyed dispositions among you – been mentioned to much unbridled fanfare in previous despatches as was their appearance on Static Caravan’s essential ’this is tmrw’ tape compilation released to celebrate cassette store day last year. I don’t mind admitting that this has been getting a hammering since setting up residence on the hi-fi, plugging directly in the late 80’s NZ noise scene – a la Dead C et al and shimmered with the widescreen anthem gouged sassiness of the Chameleons in full unbound flight not to mention threaded through a white out haze that sounds not unlike a psychedelic coven whose members number Loop, Telescopes and thee Hypnotics type. A total blast. As to ’feelin blue’ a war like storm summoning nugget tightly bound in an unwavering brooding detachment, an oncoming dark tide fuelled by monochromatic mantras silvered in a suffocating Clock DVA like edginess and finitely wracked in the kind of hollowing tension so ably summoned as their own by Clockwork Era, a squalling cyclone all the time sucking dry and extinguishing every last vestige of light from its surroundings as it prowls and pulsates and pulsating away wearily to survey its ravaged domain. Summoning up matters then, the best thing we’ve heard around here since those Flies + Flies and the new fabian society debuts and with that the recipient of the rarely awarded single of the missive.


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