broken hands

Already heavily play listed by the more in tune platter players of BBC Radio 1 (didn’t they used to be the nations favourite) and fresh from a support appearance on the circus that was the Stones recent Hyde Park, the Broken Hands are currently packing bags and sorting visas in readiness for their debut SXSW showcase. In the meantime to satiate the home crowds missing them they’ve just released ’no one left to meet’ – a rabid slab of stoned out beatnik rock-a-hula operating from out of the dark side of the psych kraut universe of the hookworms, lucid dream and wild eyes, this babe comes grizzled and gravelled in lost feral Sabbathian signatures whereupon a dirty primordial blistered blues howl peels from the grooves to smack you senseless and drag you kicking n’ screaming into the bowels of its head frazzling bad trip, damaged stuff.


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