little racer

One of those love on first hearing moments, I do believe we are quite smitten with this, new pop platter from Brooklyn’s Little Racer here fashioned on loved up grooves pressed by the highly thought of young and lost club imprint. Six cuts feature on this quite adorable set with ‘fake French’ heading up the charge and slyly shimmying through your defences to seduce you. Allured in mid 80’s crystalline cool New Order motifs and spiked with the kind of affectionate swagger and softly dinked strut grooving that’s set to tease the jangle chime fraternity of indieland into uncontrollable swooning fits leaving this pop smartie packed infectious cutie to radiate amid showers of sun peeled jubilance. Alas no sound links with which to regale you with though we will try to secure finished copes for future full review in the mean time here’s a video to accompany track #3 from the EP – ’Vanessa’ which we ought to say sounds not unlike the Stone Roses ‘I wanna be adored’……


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