stuart turner and the flat earth

As promised some well dandy grooves from those dudes of cool Vacilando68 which did comes in emailed press release form which we’ve momentary managed to mislay – rock n’ roll yea you say, alas no for I fear the rushing onset of senility. First up Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society who should soon be sporting proudly a new album entitled ’the art and science of phrenology’ from which this frankly infectious cut ’mindspikes’ has been peeled from to do a kind of rallying call type thing. Now unless I’m very much mistaken this is pissing roughly in the same pond as that frequented by the legendary Wild Billy Childish and sounds not unlike a seriously impish minded and caned Tom Waits recalibrating smoked out shit faced bad boogie moulded out of bourbon guzzled old early 70’s frazzled Americana blues motifs rethreaded anew. Does it for us.


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