jonas reinhardt

Here’s something very special from the Constellation Tatsu imprint by Jonas Reinhardt, a six track cosmic opus entitled ‘Ganymede’ which aside coming pressed up on limited slabs of vinyl with a massive poster to boot also finds its listening experience enhanced visually with the aiding and abetting of a DVD included in the package. Inspired by Jupiter’s primary moon Ganymede, the album imagines beneath the volcanic halos, the silicate rock formations and ice bound atmosphere’s strange life forms uncategorised by man as yet co-habiting to, as the press release succinctly puts it ’engage in a ritualistic aquatic dance’. as to the sounds found celebrating these dreaming visions of extra terrestrial life they reach back to Krautrock’s event horizon and pop’s embrace of experimental electronic modernism, ‘skeptical seventh sun’ ticks the latter’s box with some aplomb coming demurred in a wispy translucence calm to space dock with Jean Michel Jarre’s exquisitely inscribed visions of future worlds a la ‘oxygene’ and ‘equinoxe’ before voyaging inwards traversing the outer words of the inner mind for the mind morphing hypno grooved ‘a young colossus’ wherein Tangerine Dream like worlds emerge, dissipate and reform amid seas of a gaseous flotillas. ’malevolence in blue’ – incidentally our favourite track of the trio of showcased band camp excerpts is an altogether darker affair ushered by slo-mo pulsars as it precariously shimmers to navigate the desolate and deathly silent voids of Ganymede’s dark side. Future Constellation Tatsu happenings are expected from Ashan, Unicity, Les Halles and XYR.

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