Something that we are holding back on while we try to nab finished copies with which to beguile our listening space is a new self titled album by Lapland coming shortly via the lights label. Already described ‘as album of the year, so far’ by the Guardian, this 10 track honey has been, I don‘t mind admitting, has been hogging the attention since rearing into earshot scarcely 30 minutes ago, despatching all manner of magic dust and lulling trimmings. As is our nature, just to be awkward, we here are particularly fond of the parting shot ’la la la’ which for lyricist purists among you goes ’la la la’ – don’t you just love it when what’s promised on the tin lid comes to fruition, that aside it’s a dreamily demurred little treasure that finds, as were, Komeda channelling the Beach Boys into some mildly woozy lysergic dipped warping West Coast lullaby, so acutely cute it destroys you.

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