pas musique

And so back with all things Alrealon Musique related, this strange ’un by Pas Musique comes courtesy of the class war karaoke label, an imprint dedicated to promotion of experimental music and film by way of quarterly surveys which by all accounts peruse the underground to gather together audio and visual journals for those of a more enquiring disposition to sample, posting said selections on community archives. Anyhow PAS Musique find themselves the subject of attention via survey 0025, ’the astronauts wife’ from that set providing a distinctly dark, obtuse and more experimental offering than previous listening experiences, this one in fact veering upon the dark side of roadside picnic if I didn’t know better and pricked by a chilling extra terrestrial disquiet that blends glassy monochrome shimmers with solar radiation pulsars, edgy and gouged in a tensely coiled dead calm remoteness all blessed by an insanely mind melting Dadaist loop. Consider yourselves warned. The collection can be accessed via


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