More essential listening from the anti ghost moon ray corps – you may recall us falling head over heels for the forthcoming Camilla Sparksss debut full length platter which we suggest all good home should be wish listing in order to call their own when it appears in May. Arriving ahead of that is a new cutie from Acquaintance, which alas no accompanying information with which to impart upon your good selves. Safe to say though that ‘Satellite Stream’ as brief as it might first appear, pulls together more vision, imagery and adept appreciation of old school meets modernist classicism than most of its peers stumble and hitherto miserably fail to achieve across a whole album. Appealing to both admirers of the Seahawks and their ilk and the ISAN and FortDax brethren, genteel key pirouettes wrapped in sepia trims give it a feel of a dust sprayed musical box vintage rescued from an abandoned loft, but scratch a little deeper and the seafaring motifs snoozily demur like some idyllic cosmic suite as were rephrasing the ‘treasure island’ theme and offering up a promisory note of far off exotic climes located on distant lunar outputs haloed by twin moon glows.

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