christy and emily

Utterly beguiling twin set imminent from Christy and Emily via big print entitled ‘two rooms’ serves to showcase two of the many varying sound styles in their sonic spectrum. Pressed up as a 7 inch offering and due for release just before RSD, these recordings feature the guest appearance of Karen Waltuch adding viola dimples to the fragile sound world of Emily Manzo and Christy Edwards. As said two tracks feature within with ‘shadow’ gently weaving into your listening space perched upon magical fairy wings to adopt a somewhat classical framing whose noir tonalities and subtle 60’s dusting appear inspired and informed by an imagined musical tryst between Satie, Morricone and Sakamoto, the melodies demurred, frail and yearning blossom with a snow falling tenderness and a romantic warmth seasoned in a vintage aura all softly beckoned by the blossoming cortege of key pirouettes and sighing violas, almost hymnal if you ask me. Over on the flip you’ll find ’railroad’ which all said is our favoured cut not least because it seductively navigates the as were dust dry mountain blues tributaries of Fahey’s frankly perfect ’Portland cement factory’ and threads through its intricate meanders the wood crafted spectre of the Smoke Fairies woozily whittling out fallen recitals spirited from an archaic Americana past. Gorgeous in short.

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