matt berry

And so the story goes, in isolation and seeking comfort Matt Berry in suffering from a period of insomnia turned his hand to crafting out lunar lullabies inspired in part by Michael Oldfield into what would eventually become ‘music for insomniacs’. an ambient odyssey dimpled in celestial suites made up of mesmeric swathes and super chilled starry symphonies. the album due for release this May via Acid Jazz is pre-empted by a limited 7 inch release in time to celebrate RSD 2014 and sees ‘music for insomniacs Part IV’ prized from the collection and set to demur all into dreamlike states of bliss amid its grooves celestial chorals, hymnal harmonies and the silvery shimmer of at rest murmuring Moogs oscillate soothing to create something of a soundtrack for the passing into and beyond the great white light.

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