chapelyard EP5

And so to that rather special Chapelyard release that we mentioned earlier which features those two newly cooked Wizards Tell Lies treats – see above. ‘EP5’ be the collections name, the label based somewhere in Yorkshire, northwards by quick reference to the notes has been a hive of activity of late this outing being one of several that they have on the go at the moment. Anyhow EP5 is a four way gathering of Chapelyard friends and acquaintances featuring new sounds from the aforementioned Wizards Tell Lies and a brace of choice cuts from both Deer God and Statiq Cradle leaving just one from the sets closing collective Raining Leaf. Alas no information on the three aside WTL, Deer God’s two serving are lushly traced in amorphous celestial garlands the first of which ’broken chairs’ is serenely demurred in a trance like calming orbital drift the type of which we could happily listen to for hours but then have to teasingly make do with just the merest 2.36 glimmer. Steeled in statuesque poise and trimmed in a becoming ice sculpturing, the porcelain and bitter sweet ’shoulder blades’ is tearfully turned in a bruising solace, beautifully genteel. These little opining orbs flashed through with noir key motifs recall the early melodic releases by minotaur shock. Not so far removed from Deer God are Statiq Cradle whose likewise application of noir trimmed neo classical arrangements to glitch core electronica is seductively teased with a subtly seductive sophistication not least on the sly courtship emerging from the frail and divine ‘Centauri’ which by these ears sounds not unlike a frost tipped reclining in the shadows No Ceremony. For us though, we must admit to being taken by the snoozing glitch murmurs of the starry eyed and twinkling ’era’ threaded lovingly as it is in a consuming panoramic dynamic and kissed with the kind of cinematic velour to recall ’the box’ era Orbital. And so to Raining Leaf whose ’groundwater’ brings this EP to a close, a shimmering drone recital interspersed with busying moments of controlled white noise squall and something which if I’m not very much mistaken ought to go down well with those admiring the more out there sonic inner world voyages output of the esteemed trensmat imprint.

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