ragged barracudas

Fancy some seriously shitfaced and out of it bad boogie. Thought you might. Long time no hear from those Cardinal Fuzz dudes, last communications incidentally promised CD’s that never appeared, there was a grumbling and the occasional utterance of ill thoughts and then we got over it and forgot. Until that is now, whereby we eyed – on another site no less, news of not one but four new releases. Now we don’t bear grudges or get easily rattled, if we did we’d be heading up to the Fuzz HQ with sticks as big as trees with the intention of administering blows to heads. And while we might be inclined to snub said releases we did eye that two of them bore the name the Cult of Dom Keller and Mugstar, and well quite frankly we felt obliged nay curious to have a gander. However being the impish souls that we are it was a nifty little three track release by the Ragged Barracudas that caught our ear. We’re assuming pressed up on limited quantities of 7 inch wax, the ragged barracudas hail from Germany and by way of the evidence provided by opening salvo ’livin the dream’ appear to do a master class in fucked up and stoned bluesy Americana which to these ears sounds like a freakish early 70’s beatniking mutant Crazy Horse fronted by a seriously worse for wear ‘the firstborn is dead’ era Mr Cave immersed and wallowing in a sea of wasted riffola and kissed with the kind of heaviness that blessed releases flying out of the important imprint. Freaked, fractured and falling ever deeper into ramshackle climes ’cheap allure’ might well prick the ears of Television purists before that is going off road at the 2.32 mark and venturing into wiring locales for some dusted up big bearded boogie. Last up the Sabbathian ’motor jam’ – perhaps as a last gasp the best thing here – is a fuzz bombing bad assed stoner bastard that imagines Circle destroying Mountain platters of yesteryear. Nuff said. http://www.cful.bandcamp.com/album/ragged-barracudas-livin-the-dream-7

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