strange turn

Staying with Mega Dodo for strange turn, last seen around these here parts courtesy of an appearance on that dandy sounding Christmas charity compilation put out by the Dodo dudes just before Xmas wherein they turned in a nifty re-reading of XTC’s forgotten yuletide nugget ‘thanks for Christmas’ . if I were you I‘d be putting in an early order for this for when it appears it‘ll come in a strictly limited 100 only pink vinyl pressing and I‘d be surprised if they survive past pre order status. What can I say about ‘pink litmus paper shirt’ – a strange freak beat flipped slice of pristine psych prog which in its initial dream sequences kicks like a Troggs reprobate and smokes like a Chocolate Watchband disciple replete with all manner of woozy side servings and wiring head fuzzed riff flotillas which dissipate into a glorious ‘I am the walrus’ hybrid speckled with shitfaced Jefferson styled soul coos, quite damaged if you ask me but in a good way. Over on the flip a rather fetching and faithful Gene Clark cover ’elevator operator’ awaits love and fondness. And why not given this is finitely cut, trimmed and tapered in softly slinky strut shimmers and kissed with a Monkees-esque power pop prowl all blessed with an addictively radio friendly catchy hook line.


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