horse party

Again another release whereby the flip side has somewhat stolen our affections. New single from Horse Party (who you may recall were the recipients of much fond words when their debuting ‘what do you need’ fluttered into ear view last year) just ahead of their debuting full length ‘cover your eyes’ set is blessed by a b-side cut that I don’t mind admitting has been on constant rotation since veering into our listening space, what first called to mind the Regents ‘seventeen’ smooching up to a rugged and fired up youthful Joe Jackson then matured to reveal something drawing comparison to Kevin Tihista and the dB’s before smouldering to shape shift and shimmer up like a classic era pristinely set Go Between, the beautiful blighter incidentally is called ’let the man die’. that said lead track ’clarion call’ is no slouch in the musicality stakes, sounding not unlike the darker brooding twin of the Breeders ‘cannonball’ its no surprise then that sitting somewhere between Vega, Deal, Donnelly and Harvey, Elle’s vocals prowl with a controlled tension shocked beneath by a fracturing and primitive ju-ju sonic grooving, classy if you ask me. We await that album with baited breathe.


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