raining leaf

Returning back to the Chapelyard imprint. latest release is by raining leaf who brought up the rear and led us through to the closing grooves of ‘EP5’ goes by the name of the 5 track ‘beware of yesterday’ this quintet of suites reveals a hitherto more playfully light dimpling to their / his / her sound (that is if you don’t count the atonal subterranean sonic swarm of ‘landau’ which trips very cautiously into Alrealon Musique realms) with the cutely scratched lunar recital ‘a reflection’ ushering into terrains once occupied and called their own by d_rradio albeit here sounding as though they are recoding New Order’s ‘movement’ by way binary blip signatures. The ice thawing mosaics disturbed within ‘electrode’ on the other hand opt to voyage the retro techno Technicolor realities of future sound of London. Elsewhere the ghostly bowed symphonies found on ‘broken star’ demur and captivate in a twinkling nocturnal light show yet best of the selection for us is the parting ’beware of yesterday’ a gorgeous Plone like slice of child’s toy room cuteness dinked in sustained chime garlands and tripped upon a busying clockwork motifs who sleepy headed dreaminess calls to mind the lullaby serenades of Raymond Scott. http://www.chapelyard.bandcamp.com/album/beware-of-yesterday-2

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