the tuesday club

Been a while since we had any Tuesday Club groove with which to swoon our hi-fi with, this lot are your full on freakville cabaret pop combo emerging from the ashes of the Scratch and now expanded to an octet. Whilst their former charges were a tad handy in the crafting of three chord hook heavy power popping glam punk drizzled in the teen angst of a youthful Buzzcocks, the Tuesday Club appear adept to rifle through record collections turning their musical charms to whatever style, sound or genre that happens to prick their ears all said trimmed with an impish delight and a sense of fun that cheekily chuckles and plays hi-jinx amid the grooves. Latest from these dandy delinquents is ’new glamour’ a twin set cutie which according to our CD reader features not two but three tracks, the first of which the reader skips past before announcing a total duration reading of 54.22. Surely some mistake. Indeed be that the case, ’new glamour’ delightfully huffs and puffs teetering precariously on a frantic and chaotic new wave styled melodic thread that sounds like its at the point of collapse any second soon with obvious nods to the Stranglers and Magazine along the way and kissed with psychosis stirring spidery art gouged riffage and the rapid fire rhyming prose of Mr Dury doing his best BA Robertson ’kool in the kaftan’ routine – I kid ye not o’ worried faithful. Must admit though to being a tad partial to flipside ‘old before your time’ not least because it had us reaching around for our copy of the Ants ‘dirk wears white socks’ album for comparable fondness, this un has Hammonds aplenty charging down in all manner of Attractions stylees while fronted by a particularly wired to the eyeballs Bryan Ferry after undergoing a crash course in Howard Devoto’s singing school for snotty upstarts.

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