benjamin schoos feat. laetitia sadier

We do adore the tones of Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier, so much so in fact that were she to sing shopping lists or some unfathomable treatise on quantum mathematics we here are sure in the knowledge that we’d be purred into sublime states of seduction. So while Stereolab maintain their self imposed silence its seems Benjamin Schoos is making the most of opportunities by inviting Ms Sadier along for a second collaboration in as many years. Of course you may well recall our undying fondness for ’je ne vois que vous’ a few years back, released ahead of Sadier’s demurred ’Silencio’ set for drag city. Well it seems we’re in for something of a revisit for Schoos latest EP calls upon the chic stylings of Sadier for the lead out track ’derniere dance’ – same formula as previously, this frisky slice of French pop loveliness literally radiates warmth and feel good effervescence whilst finding itself finitely trimmed in the kind of noir chamber pop arrangements that once upon a time adorned the 60’s golden age Franco pop standards, add to the mix an array of acutely infectious grooves swooned n’ clipped in sassy struts and kissed with a cooling kooky melodic pedigree that shimmies to the kind of aural arrest that once made platters by Le Bleu so appealing. The EP incidentally also includes guest appearances by April March, Miqui Puig and one time Johnny Marr collaborator Doviak,

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