death by unga bunga

Is this gorgeous or what, perfect for those who adored once upon a time the sunny shiny pop radiance that used to fly out of sound houses the likes of summershine, bus stop, kindercore, blue rose and all those other lost label loves from yesteryear. Debut platter from Death by Unga Bunga (was that not the name of a mummies album) who hail from Norway (a nation who we’ve featured so much here in recent times that one suspects an honorary naturalisation permit is surely due our way) and will shortly be sporting a rather dandy debut full length by the name ‘you’re an animal’ via jansen platproduksjon records. From it new single ‘tambourine’ shimmers and chimes arrestingly adorned in cutely turned 60’s motifs much like those once the sole remit of the mighty elephant 6 collective with our acutely tuned in ears picking up references to the Choo Choo Train and the Sunshine Fix along the way not to mention the succulent spiralling swoon of the effervescent Clock Strikes 13 , mention of the Byrds of course is a given.

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