spc eco

Now you might think I’m being awkward or pedantic, but third featured single in a row where the flip side steals the show, are they putting something in the water, I think we should be told. The welcomed return to these pages of SPC ECO who as you all should know is duo Dean Garcia (indeed he formerly of Curve) and his daughter Rose Berlin here accompanied by a brace of svelte moon glowed electronic chill chic. With an as yet untitled album looming in the distance and due for summer seduction ‘delusional waste’ heads up this twinkling star crossed twin set, traced in the lulling purr of pulsing cosmic codas crushed in old school buzz pop chill wave motifs leaving Rose to softly set flight into airless environs of interstellar sophistication all shimmered and carried aloft upon the spectral trajectory of adorning celestial vapour trails. By our humbled reckoning it’s the flip cut ‘push’ that’ll have the glacial noir pop fraternity swooning in the aisles whilst having old school Curve disciples simply jaw a dropped. Built around what can only be described as a clock working celestial carousel and shyly stolen in an irresistible futuristic dance floor chic, this darkly seductive tease slyly weaves Moroder-esque motifs to the subdued frost laced blueprint of Animotion’s ’obsession’ and then sets the ‘alluring’ and ‘infectious’ dials to maximum.

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