circuit diagram

Hands up those who remember the tummy touch imprint, we used to adore those out there smoked nocturnal grooves that used to come pressed up on limited edition slabs of 7 inch wax housed in – if I recall – die cut card sleeves with absolutely bugger all information. I say this, not just merely because I like the sight of my own words but because this ‘un has just instantly transported us back to those golden days. On new imprint No Counter it’s a new EP by German duo Circuit Diagram – which we will try and wrestle copies of from their press people for full review in future missive happenings – for now though take a step back, rest a little and chill heavily to the subtropic woozy dub dimpled ’motown’ here featuring Touchy Mob on vocals which all said had us recalling momentarily the Moody Boys from yonks back, in short this is stoned headphonic bliss that superbly blends amid its sultry swathes of skanking cool the subtle tone of jazz and lounge nuances sprayed in amorphous calypso dialects – by rights a prime platter for the forthcoming festival forays.

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