joana serrat

Alas we can only find this short trailer video with which to tempt you. we’ve got the album on a sound cloud link but guess that the powers that be – those being El Segell del Primavera – wouldn’t be that impressed with us if we started publicising it here which is a shame really because said trailer kind of does nothing to hint at the beauties tucked away on this 12 track album – incidentally by Joanna Serrat called ‘dear great canyon’. absolutely no information on this or about Ms Serrat, the album has been weaving its way into our listening space vying for affection with the equally lovely set by the Tablets (which will be getting review attention in the coming days). Now I’ll stick my neck out here in saying this had me recalling the first time I heard Laura Cantrell way back via her shoeshine debut in so much as the tenderness, the frailty and the subtle countrified opine of steel guitars that delicately dimple these shy eyed treasures. possessed of a fading forlorn intimacy ’flowers on the hillside’ even manages to sneak in on the blindside of Karen Dalton as it skips woozily to a statuesque symphonic shimmering of Dylan-esque dialects while ’the blizzard’ just cuts so deep you want to give it a sympathetic cuddle. We will try to nail hard copies for future mentions.


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