moon gangs

Out this coming May, a debuting release that finds Moon Gangs joining the hallowed Sexbeat family (GAPS, White Lung etc…..). in essence the solo project of Will Young – not that Will Young or at least we assume not – this EP comes pressed up on 12 inches of single sided wax housed in a screen printed sleeve amid its grooves three extended suites simply entitled ‘I’, ‘II’ and ‘III’. ‘I’ a seven minute opus imagines the galactic panoramic ambient suites of classic era Tangerine Dream. From an outer post in the distant voids of the cosmic wilderness and to the purr of ice formed shimmering orbs, a voyaging craft patrols the lonesome lifeless horizons. the prolonged quietness breaks and a static hiss buzzes into life. On the radar, scans pick up something in the distance. What was once the endless roll of penetrating nothingness slowly emerges up ahead. Colourful and twinkling, the scene is inviting. What was once glacial almost deathly is bathed in a translucent warmth haloed in something approaching the unreal. A transfixing celestial carnival consumes them as they pass beyond the great celestial barrier. In short comes on like the Tangers shape shifts into FortDax doing Jarre before blossoming into Vangelis in ‘Blade Runner‘ reprise mode under the watchful eye of Zombi. Quite awesome if you ask me, frankly we need this on our hi-fi.

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