Second helping of loveliness from the cutely affectionate indie pop darlings the Cosines following in hot pursuit of their debuting ‘hey sailor boy’ platter is the addictive fuzz buzz glam strut cool ‘commuter love’ which will be the cause of fainting fits at local record emporium counters this May. Arriving via the can do no wrong criminally cool Fika recordings stable this 7 inch platter comes attached with a press release that pretty much reviews the blighter for you, name checking Goldfrapp (sultry stomp) and Blondie (pouty pomp) along the way, that said our ears do detect a few reference markers somewhat carelessly neglected, namely that this honey is acutely teased in a coda that owes much to Norman Greenbaum’s ‘spirit in the sky’ albeit as though peppered with some nifty glitter stacked T-Rex-ian gouges and then fed through a Black Box Recorder spin cycle for some seriously dark and sultry chill pop chic which all present and correct should see it doing some serious damage on the more attuned dance floors around the nation.

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