bunny and the electric horsemen

Just eyed this on a facebook update giving us a welcomed heads up that new platters from the mischievously impish bearsuit imprint are imminent any day soon with this here early call for a new EP from Bunny and the Electric Horsemen lurking ominously in the near distance ready to mess with our heads. The EP entitled ‘dedy misheen’ firmly places the Bunny ones left of centre of everything for ‘one time for good time’ is best described as a post regressive flashback of sorts fractured and fragmented through a mind frazzling eye for what first appears down tempo dimpled noir graced chamber torch soon starts to splinter and evaporate in a murky psychotropic haze of damaged dub drills and out there progressive psych happenings which – and no don’t ask why – in my warped ear view I hear trace elements of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘tusk’ buried deep beneath a wiring shot of fried psychosis. We look forward to going to head to head with the finished product. http://www.soundcloud.com/bunny-3/bunny-the-electric-horsemen

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