courtis and moore

On this occasion we are both ahead and behind ourselves. Those with a very vague memory may recall us mentioning and part reviewing a new extended two track opus from Messrs Courtis and Moore, a limited 200 set available via earbook recordings. It seems in error that we posted the teaser review via tales from the attic volume 25 – part 2 – erroneously omitting to fully service said text with the neglected bits now that we have in our hands a physical copy of said release. So with that in mind if its okay with you – we’ll start again…..

Been way too long since we had any Volcano the Bear related ear gear with which to concern you about but it seems that there’s been a momentary break in the silence with the appearance of a new collaborative release pairing together Aaron Moore and Alan Courtis who will together shortly be trekking across Europe touring. A follow up to 2010’s ’courtis / moore’ head off and again released though Moore’s own earbook recordings imprint, the freeform ju-ju ’KPPB’ arrives to coincide with the dates. Available as a limited 200 physical CD or digital download, the set features two lengthy workouts. Stumbling in at the near twenty minute mark ’King Pancreas’ opens the set for a slightly weirded shot of terraforming trippiness that takes the listener on an expansive sonic journey that dips in and out of consciousness wherein at given points your abstractly attracted to moments of mellowing dreamy signatures, floaty exotica wooziness, obtuse no wave noodling and freakish jazz core motifs that in truth dip in between the sound corridors separating Moondog and Tubby Hayes (are they really road drills I can hear buried deep in the mix) all interspersed by glassy ambient sequences (which in truth sound not unlike fractured mad mix tape gathering together all the Trunk records releases in one) that serve to converge at a dividing point somewhere at the 10 minute mark whereby to the trace of a trembling genteel key tread a la Yorke on one of his Autechre sojourns unfurls ghosted by the fracturing improvisation of scratched atmospherics. ‘punk butter’ on the other hand is possessed of something you’d have expected to emerge on one of those sadly missed Fat Cat split series releases from a few years ago, there’s an almost meditative sereneness evoked in its early passages, Tibetan spirituals, oriental garlands and archaic bowed instrumentations illicit a strangely absorbing almost hypnotic trance to the occasion the busying arrangements acting in sharp contrast to the second movement wherein all the atmospherics drop a notch in temperature as its glazed in an oblique stillness that imagines Herrmann diligently working off a fractured Stockhausen score summoning up the deathly mist of the ferryman’s journey across the fabled partings between the waters of the Styx and Acheron on route to the world of the dead. From therein the suite morphs again into something which beneath the dramatic portent of flat lining church keys lies, scratches and stirs from slumber something decidedly primordial and feral in nature. Quite out there and chilling if you ask me.

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