the moons

Bugger me this un sounds as though its sneaked out of Bowie’s Diamond Dogs closet having found its way back into the world having been lost and forgotten for some 40 years after suffering some self imposed mind locked coma resulting from its rejection. Festooned in glitter and towering platforms ‘heart and soul’ plunges into the dark decadent epicentre of 70’s glam, Ronson riffs erupt eclipsed and haloed in pouts and purrs all marshalled by the kind of slick swaggering intent and sadistic cool as would befit an early career salvo by Be Bop Deluxe – incidentally the band in question are called the moons and this single via the schnitzel imprint comes ripped from a forthcoming ‘mindwaves’ long player due in June – devastating stuff.–heart-and-soul-1


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