alan smithee

Latest honey from the flowers in the dustbin imprint, and when I say honey, I mean honey, is a new double A side platter from alansmithee. ‘Snooze’ be its name, something which we here are a little fond off at present not least because of the fact that it sounds so woozy, distracted and displaced as though the guitars had been recorded in a different room some distance from the vocals, anyhow sounds very Doors-esque if you ask me and smokily haloed in a haziness that I swear you can get mildly high off. Still lest we forget the Paul Haig-ish vocals and that slight though ever so pressing need to reach into your record collection to dig out old forgotten nuggets by Nectarine No 9. Over on the flip the favoured cut for us ’the almighty Alan Smithee Blues’ softly ambles away in a haze of kaleidoscopic stupor slowly fracturing and fragmenting amid a glorious teetering that sees it peeling its outer shell to reveal some seriously stoned shots of ragged psych blues groove.

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