Fancy a little something that manages to fuse the DNA fibres of Kate Bush and Fever Ray. If so then by our reckoning you ought to fall headlong and savour the pop delirium that is Delooze’s ’deathstar’ here remixed by passing admirer Portugal. The Man. Delooze for the uninitiated – like us – is a collective headed up by musical and artist Stacey DeLooze here aided and abetted by a gathering of souls whose resume cites glowing references from the likes of gnarls barley, atoms for peace and Florence and the machine. Beautifully crafted in the same porcelain spectral magicalia of Bush’s ‘the dreaming’, ’deathstar’ takes that core matrix and harvests its essences in a frost tipped choreography that’s finitely cut in a quietly panoramic ice sculptured grandeur that as much mesmerises and it does bewitches – by far the best thing we’ve heard of its ilk since Fever Ray’s astounding ’when I grow up’. an album ‘glass army’ is due to emerge soon via DeLooze music we are assuming it will be a richly rewarding listening experience.

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