This is getting way beyond ridiculous now – not that we are for a second complaining – but no sooner do we post up something that’s earmarked for review love and along comes something else to knock clean off its perch in terms of affection. We are assuming the Diaphanoids are Italian, a collective of musicians and producers who between them have a resume that cites involvement with black box and luciano Pavarotti. Due out shortly on the Tirk imprint their second full length ’LSME’ promises 70’s interstellar rock, cosmic psych and motorik rhythms. We’ve had a quick listen in and have been much impressed from what we’ve heard so far – so while we issue forth begging missives for physical copies we thought we’d earmark ’you can’t shine if you don’t burn’ in order to give you a flavour of what to expect. In short a sumptuous slice of cosmicalia tripping into words more recently voyaged upon by the likes of Jay Tausig and the kosmiche heads found dimpling the grooves of fruits de mer’s acclaimed ’strange fish’ collection last year. Amid the ambient lunar tides the trace elements of tangerine dream seductively fused with embryo opine to morph briefly into Goblin-esque delirium, absolutely recommended and with that you can expect further visitations amid these pages. Alas no links for now but we did manage to source this teaser trailer.


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