Currently vibing off this at present as I suspect you, dear reader, will no doubt be doing once heard and seduced. New from gidge a duo hailing from Scandinavia, Sweden to be precise, Umea if your really asking. New platter of the full length variety about to break cover later in the year via the Atomnation imprint with this demurring darling being sent ahead to arrest. Admittedly we here have been jaws agape on hearing this, at 8 minutes in length – by our reckoning well to brief – ’you’ is your reclining dub dimpled slice of sophisticat cool, awash in sighing sultry Balearic sunsets this, in essence, two movement gem initially comes on like a woozy shyly set lazy eyed No Ceremony before unfurling to blossom into something desirably smoked in the kind of chill framed classicism that had us rooting around for our copy of KLF’s pre trance up ’last train to Transcentral’. approaching heavenly – in short exquisite.


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