flashback #4

Sitting comfortably on bookshelves sharing space with the likes of Shindig and Ugly Things is the highly readable and authoritative Flashback, a colossal coffee table journal now up to issue #4 is a heavy weight 200 plus page bible for those obsessed on all things underground and slightly left of radar from the 60’s and early 70’s. edited by Richard Morton Jack, those familiar with his rock tomes Galactic Ramble and Endless Trip will spoil to the publications extended close focus subject missives. Current issue of this quarterly feast includes an extended conversation with Beverley Martyn as she talks openly about her career, her loves, her traumas, Drake, Simon and Martyn. Cover stars the Trees are treated to an extended overview of their career as are July and the Mandrake Memorial with all three extended appraisals coming replete with thoughts and commentaries from original key note players in the story. Rummaging around the dusty loft copies of the 60’s stateside pop weekly Go are unearthed for a trip down memory lane to spotlight one of America’s pioneering music journals whose staff writers roster included the first teeth cutting critiques of Lorraine Alterman. Elsewhere an overview of the exploito genre and a debate raging over the merits, shortcomings and sound enjoyment worth of your mono vs. stereo variants of the late 60’s among the chosen aural artefacts drawn into the critical crossfire tomorrow, pretty things, the deep, growing concern, mad river and ill wind.


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